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Park Veterinary Services
(415) 209-5340
  • Marin County (generally between Nicasio to Novato to Sausalito). Equine acupuncture available as far as Napa. Farther destinations available on request.
  • San Francisco (parking must be available where we perform the exam).
  • Daly City


  • HOUSE CALLS for URGENT CARE visits for dogs and cats. Full service.
  • Acupuncture (equine and small animal)
  • Cold Laser
  • Telemedicine consults are only available after an initial exam in person is completed.

The conditions your pet can be seen for on URGENT CARE are issues that are not a dire emergency needing hospital equipment or you cannot get into your Veterinarian soon enough.

Dr. Park's availability varies since she also works as an emergency/critical care Veterinarian in hospital. If she is not available and your Veterinarian is inundated, discuss a plan with your Veterinarian or go to the nearest emergency hospital.


A COVID questionnaire may be done over the phone prior to a visit.

Appropriate masks required (filter type).

All exams will be done outside with social distancing and with ONE pet owner present. An enclosed pen is available for use if needed. For recumbent pets Dr. Park may enter your home or garage with full PPE, but please minimize the presence of people to ONE family member.